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Road Freight

Land transport is a crucial element in the articulation of national and international movement of goods. It is the privileged modality in the local and regional transport of goods.

It is also the network that connects the major platforms for interconnecting the transit circuits of goods: ports, airports, distribution centers, etc. More than that, it is the most precise and detailed network in the management of the collection and delivery of goods. Incisive, accurate and rigorous.


The ability to plan and optimize the inland transport of goods is the crucial factor for reducing transit times and associated costs, covering in detail the specificity of the territory.

The Angolan territory and its road coverage have specificities that require great knowledge and experience so that strategies, planning and routes can be defined that meet the particularity of each service.


Our network of partners covers the entire Angolan territory, as well as the ability to intervene and plan the route of your goods in the country of collection.

Our logistics and planning team, in its broadest sense, ensures careful handling, transport safety and the integrity of your goods following clear, rigorous and precise travel plans, as well as advice or follow-up on all the procedural issues that arise.

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