Door to Door

Transport & Delivery

The realization of international sales business of products and goods is a long and demanding process which our customers deal with very successfully.

From the identification of customers, selection of the product catalogue to the negotiation of prices and conditions, each decision requires a very demanding study process, knowledge and negotiating capacity. The final agreement with the client is the guarantee of the success of the business.

Deal! It is the time to ensure that the customer receives his order in the best conditions and within the expected time. The collection, transport and delivery of an order is a crucial stage, insofar as it represents the effective completion of the business. It’s a time when your company’s reputation and capacity as a supplier is at stake.

The process of transporting a good, because it requires multiple actors and complex and specific administrative procedures, is often outside the scope of companies.

That’s why finding a specialized partner is so important.

Transerra Angola is an agent specialized in the Angolan market that offers you the possibility of centralizing the entire process in a single procedure, in a single invoice and with a single interlocutor.

He is an interlocutor who not only simplifies the whole process but is also able to explain it clearly and completely.

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